Halloween Happenings: Student Plans for Halloween


Netherworld tickets are going fast. If you still are unsure of what to do for Halloween purchase a Netherworld ticket today and go with a friend. It is sure to give you the perfect Halloween fright. Picture by Netherworld Website

Rachel Sandstrom, Staff Writer

Halloween is just around the corner and students couldn’t be more excited. After approximately two years of basically no Halloween, students have decided to go all out this year. Even though Halloween unfortunately falls on a Sunday, students have not let this stop them from having a good time. 

The great thing about celebrating Halloween is that there is a little something for everyone. Of course there is the classic trick or treating but that may only be socially acceptable for people under the age of fourteen. No need to panic, there are still lots of fun activities for anyone older. You can’t go wrong with a Halloween dress up party. All that is needed for a Halloween party is good company, good food, and creative costume ideas and you are set. Senior Maci Miller is attending a dress up party and tells the Sting Staff what she is going to be, “I am dressing up as Pam in her cat Halloween costume and my boyfriend is going to be three hole punch Jim with me. I think everyone is dressing up and I’m super excited!”  

The only hard part of going to a Halloween party is finding a costume that stands out in the crowd. Senior Alyssa Carlson believes she has found a costume that will serve this very purpose, “I am dressing up as Iredessa from Tinker Bell. I believe this costume will help me stand out because most people wouldn’t think about this as a costume and plus the color of her dress goes perfectly with my skin tone. I can’t wait!” Some people like to be a little less extravagant with their costumes which is perfectly acceptable and can be just as fun as an extravagant costume. For example, Senior Torrin Donaldson wants to keep her costume simple this year and that is why she is going as a skeleton. She is still planning on having just as much fun as any other person with a crazy costume. 

Parties are not always everybody’s cup of tea but the good thing about Halloween is it can be celebrated in many different ways. Senior Veronica Soroka has decided to have a fun night of dressing up and watching a movie with her friends, “For Halloween I’m hanging out with a small group and making spooky cupcakes. We’re going to watch horror movies and take a Halloween hike by the Chattahoochee.” Soroka has decided that she and one of her close friends will be dressing up as Timothee Chalamet and Pete Davidson in their recent SNL skit. They are very proud of this costume idea and excited to show it off.  

Some students are even going to haunted houses or haunted corn mazes. There are a couple really scary ones around the Roswell and Atlanta area. There is a haunted house called Paranoia that senior students Gracie Ross and Margaret Wheatly are planning on going to for Halloween. There is another haunted house located a little farther than Paranoia in Gwinnett called Netherworld. This haunted house is sure to freak people out. It is about an hour drive but it is well worth the trip. Be sure to check out Morandi Lawerence’s blog review on Netherworld. (insert link)