Abba has a new album

Toby Fagan, Staff Writer

A picture of ABBA’s new album, Voyage, which released after 40 years without one. (Credit: ABBA)

After 40 years they’re back. The Swedish band of the 70’s, that swept the American music scene off its feet with their last album, producing hits like Dancing Queen that will last lifetimes. Everyone thought that this would lead to great success and ABBA would continue to be the pop band of the future, yet it was not to be. They disappeared. ABBA would go on to make a few other songs throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s, but ultimately would not be heard again.

Until now! They are back and swinging. The hit of the mid-70’s has returned with a second studio album 40 years after the release of the first. It took some time, but the titular band has returned from the ashes of disbandment to release a new album. Full of the wonder and fun that we were first introduced to when the band first appeared, their last project was just as well received as the first.

The assumption with this surprise, however, is that the band hadn’t seen each other in a while and felt like making music together. With most of the members being older, I wouldn’t expect more surprises like this one ever again. But it was a fun and very welcome surprise, and I highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t yet, listen to this project, it should be able to brighten your day in some way, shape, or form.