Colin Powell Passes Away at Age 84



Colin Powell administers speech. Credit: Unsplash

Sterling Hitchcock, Staff Writer

Former U.S Secretary of State, Colin Powell passed away on Thursday, October 18th due to complications from COVID-19. Powell was vulnerable to the disease due to his multiple myeloma which is a type of cancer that resides in the blood. This type of cancer is specifically known for inhibiting the bodies ability to fight off disease and infections, this along with Powell’s Parkinson’s disease ultimately led to his passing.


Powell has a lengthy list of accolades that were acquired while holding many different positions in the U.S government. His thirty-five-year military career started while in college when he joined the Reserve Officer Training Corps at City College of New York. After graduating college, Powell was sent to Fort Benning in Georgia for basic training and from there he was sent to West Germany as a platoon leader. Powell served in Vietnam and got serious recognition while in combat due to his bravery and strong leadership, his actions led to multiple jumps in rank and was named a Major whilst on his second tour to Vietnam. He was also awarded the Soldiers Medal for helping save the lives of three other soldiers that were with him in a helicopter crash.


Throughout the eighties, Powell worked to help bring peace to the United States during the Cold War. He held many positions during this time that include senior military assistant to the Secretary of Defense and National Security Advisor under Ronald Reagan. The biggest accomplishment of his career did not come until two-thousand-one when he was awarded the position of Secretary of State, he was the first African American to ever hold the position. Powell’s job became extremely important during this time due to the nine-eleven attacks, this caused for him to do everything in his power to put and end to terrorism. He eventually stepped down from this role five years later in two-thousand-five and this put an end to his career in the U.S government. Powell’s constant struggle throughout his life showed how important his hard work and dedication was to his success. From growing up in one of the poorest areas in New York, to being denied service because of the color of his skin while in Georgia, Powell never let these struggles determine who he was and became one of the most iconic ranking officials in U.S History.