Destinations with Devyn: An All-Star Experience in Colorado

Devyn Hlavek, Staff Writer

Coors Field has a variety of drink options throughout the park. There was many amazing views of the field and special experiences for the all-star week. (Credit: Devyn Hlavek)

While many people visit Colorado during the winter to ski and snowboard, Colorado offers many fun activities during the summer. Boulder and Denver, Colorado are amazing places to visit in the summer for shopping, entertainment and restaurants. Denver is a perfect place if you’re looking to experience a big city while Boulder is a picture-perfect little town that is home to University of Colorado Boulder.  

Coors Field, which is home to the Colorado Rockies, is located in Denver. This past summer my family visited Denver to attend the Homerun Derby and All-Star Game. Coors Field was a nice change of scenery, as I spend lots of time at Truist Park. Since the home run derby was a big event, there were many fans from across the country there. Coors Field had plenty of food options including burgers, tacos and pizza. In addition, there was exclusive all-star merchandise that was available throughout the park. The Home Run Derby and being able to see some of the best players in baseball was an amazing experience that I will never forget. There was also a Celebrity Softball Game, and it was very entertaining being able to see some well-known celebrities like Noah Beck and JoJo Siwa. As I was leaving, I was lucky enough to meet TikToker, Blake Gray and take a picture with him.  

Photo 2- Boulder has many amazing views and sunsets that can be enjoyed by everyone throughout the city. (Credit: City of Boulder)

While the all-star events don’t happen often in Colorado, Pearl Street in Boulder is a great area that can be enjoyed year round. There is a variety of restaurants including The Buff, Cento Mexican Kitchen and Sforno Trattoria. In addition to offering delicious food, Boulder has a lot of shopping including well known stores and small boutiques. There will be no problem finding CU Boulder gear as many stores offer sweatshirts and souvenirs with the college’s logo on it.  

Whether you’re visiting Colorado to catch a baseball game, tour CU Boulder or spend a few days on Pearl Street, everyone will find something to do there. My favorite part about my summer trip to Colorado was the Home Run Derby as I’m very interested and baseball and it may be a once in a lifetime experience. Overall, I would rate my trip a 9/10 for the amazing baseball, delicious restaurants and the unique stores.  

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