Hornets Swimming into the 2021 Swim Season


Swim hornets at a few meets with some hardware included! Photo Credit: @rhsswimdive on Instagram

Alexandra Wiggins, Editor - People Page

 Hornets are diving into the 2021 season, during the chilliest time of the year! You read correctly; swimming is a winter sport in high school. Brrrr! 

There are many different types of meets in high school swimming. Like other sports, there are dual meets, quad meets, county championships and invitationals. Dual meets are between two schools, quad meets are between four schools and invitational and county are meets team members must qualify for from many different schools. All these competitions have the same generic rules though. They are split up into gender and the heat or race a competitor is swimming in. For example, Parker Jones (10) explained, “so it would be like 200 freestyle boys and then 200 freestyle girls.”  

In some instances, there are multiple heats in an event. The faster swimmers tend to be in the last heats and the slower swimmers in the first few heats. The faster swimmers also swim in the middle lanes, with the slower swimmers on the outside, that way everyone has a chance to race a competitor their speed. Like many other sports, scoring works by what place a competitor gets in the race. Parker also explained that “5th place gets 1 point for the team and 1st would get 6 points. These points get added after each race, and whatever school has the most points, wins.”  

Obviously, since some have figured out that there isn’t a pool on the roof, the swim team practices at the Roswell Adult Swim Center locally on Grimes Bridge Road. Their practices consist of workouts with various types of strokes to get better and prepared for the season.  

The Roswell Swim Team is very small, emphasizing a few differences amongst other schools in the region or state. There is only a varsity team, no junior varsity and most of the girls and boys stay together for practices and other events because of how small the team is. 

Tyler Godoy (10), Cecilia Rubio (12), Atlanta Griffin (11), and Fiona Getch (alumni) at Georgia Tech Aquatics! Go hornets! Photo credit: @rhsswimdive on Instagram

The team has high hopes of qualifying for state this year, or at least having individual qualifications. Tyler Godoy (10) states, “Last year at state we did not place very well. Because we are considered a large school, our swim team goes against super mega teams even though we’re small. I think we would do well if we were in a different division. Overall, as a team, I think it’s a very fun environment and I think we’ve improved.” To qualify for state, there are set times as a benchmark. If a competitor can swim a specific time, then they will be able to compete at state at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center. In 2020, the boys swim team finished in 38th place with 39 points and the Girls team finished in 24th place with 103 points. These meets are out of 170 points. The state championship normally take place on February 4-5 at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  

It’s an exciting time of year around the Hornets’ nest, especially when swim team is happening. Students and families cannot wait to see what the hornet swimmers have in store for this year. The first meet takes place on November 20, 2021, against Lassiter, Pope and North Springs. Let’s go Hornets!  

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