The life of a coach


Roswell high school wants to thanks all coaches for doing very hard job. Graphic by Maynor Chinchilla.

Maynor Chinchilla, Editor - People Page

A high school sports team can have a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges may be money, transportation, time, and sometimes even weather. These challenges can become too difficult for the members of a team, because they may be just thinking on giving their best in a game. Thankfully there are coaches who are there to help students with these challenges. Coaches are also there to guide students to victory. Roswell high school students have more than 20 sports teams. By having so many teams the school also has many amazing coaches who are there to help students and to guide not just their team but the entire school to victory. 

One of these coaches and teachers is Mr. Billy Bradach. He was influenced by other coaches to become a coach. Now he is the coach of the Wrestling team and the Football (9th grade) team. Mr. Bradach told the Roswell Sting that in order to guide his team he has to challenge the members of the team physically, and mentally. Mr. Bradach also told the Sting that being a coach is not very easy but that students make it easier because they like sports. For him the hardest thing about being a coach is keeping the members of his team motivated. Mr. Bradach wants to remind the school sport teams to “have pride on everything” they do. 

Another coach that talked with the Sting about what it’s like to be a coach was Mr. Derek Shackelford. Mr. Shackelford is the girls’ tennis coach. He became a coach because he loves to play tennis. Mr. Shackelford challenges the members of his team by challenging them. For Mr. Shackelford the hardest part about being a coach was playing tennis in the middle of the pandemic. He told the Sting that this was a hard time for the team because some of the players could not play because they tested positive and inform him minutes before a game. Mr. Shackelford wants to remind the tennis team that “you can’t change the past you just move forward and be positive” so don’t be sad because you did something wrong. 

The sting wants to thanks all coaches of Roswell High School for all their hard work. 

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