Antisemitism is on the rise  

Gabby Lerner, Director of Business

There is a problem that is often overlooked or unaddressed in all schools throughout the country; that problem being antisemitism.  

Antisemitism has been increasing throughout the country. Many members of the Jewish population are upset by this and scared they are going to be targeted. (Credit: Gabby Lerner)

In recent weeks, schools in Cobb County have had several instances of anti-semitic hate crimes. At schools like Lassiter High School and Pope High School, there has been hateful vandalism in bathrooms, praising Adolf Hitler, and depicting swastikas.  

Many families in Cobb County are pushing for more curriculum surrounding anti-hate crime.  

For members of the Jewish community at Roswell, they are both shocked and upset about the hate crimes. However, anti-semitic actions and statements occur around all schools, whether it be small or large.   

Junior Cathryn Pate, explained that “There have been a couple of instances where people have tried using me being Jewish as an insult and I have seen a couple of swastikas graffiti around just like drawn in pencils on desks and stuff.”   

Furthermore, Pate shared, “They would say things like you can’t say anything, you’re Jewish or like, shut up Jew.”  

Other students have shared that there have been times where people have made Hitler and “Jew Jokes”, which they have grown used to. In addition, they have shared that they, too, have often seen swastikas drawn on desks, but chose to ignore them.  

This problem is also prevalent across the country. In 2020 alone, there was a total of 2,024 anti-semitic attacks. The attacks that have occurred in school and colleges have increased dramatically since 2019.  

Back at Roswell, antisemitism is one of the many problems that need to be addressed. Pate shared that, “I think the main concern would be people being racist or homophobic” along with anti-semitic.  

Although these issues have improved, there is still a lot of improvements that need to be made.  

If you or a peer have been targeted check out: