Mysterious death of Gabby Petito


Gabby Petito a resident from Florida makes world news as her remains being found near a state park. Photo credit: instagram page: gabby.petito22

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

World news is focused on one news story and that is what really happened to a woman named Gabby Petito as the remains of her were found this past Sunday in an area of Wyoming’s Bridger-Teton national forest which had been confirmed to be her as her parents had reported her missing weeks in advance. Gabby Petito had been traveling with her boyfriend Brian Laundrie prior to her disappearance. With Brian returning to the couple’s North port Florida home earlier that month without Petito as he had refused to talk to the authorities about his fiancée’s disappearance. As Local and federal authorities had been searching on a 25,000-acre Florida nature reserve, in late Sep. there had been a request by the FBI for a federal warrant arrest due to his activities after Gabby Petitio’s death. 

According to a Petito family attorney the pair had gotten engaged but had decided to postpone their wedding plans because of coronavirus concerns as they made a split decision to make a trip. They were driving Petito’s white 2012 Ford van. According to one of the couple’s social media posts they had traveled to multiple states from Florida to Kansas, Colorado and Utah touring and camping at several of the national parks and natural attractions. Petito’s mother had stated that the last text message that she had received from her daughter had been sent on Aug. 30 as she was unsure if it was even her daughter sending the message. The text message that Petito’s mother had received from supposedly her daughter stated, “Can you help Stan; I just keep getting his voicemails and missed the calls.” The reference to Stan, the mother had said she never referred to him as “Stan” as it came odd to her. Her mother then started to become concerned about her daughter’s well-being. 

With all the drama surrounding the Petitio family the hard truth is that Petito’s body was found on Sep. 9 near Grand Teton National Park which she and her fiancée had visited. With Brian Laundrie disappearing he as well hasn’t appeared since the disappearance of Gabby Petito it is a question that remains but as evidence unrolls each day it all points back to Brian as time awaits until he is found and able to be questioned. “The death of gabby Petito is a tragedy but the real question is where is Brian and when will he finally show himself. “I believe that he did kill her,” states senior Garrett Rothwell.