Seniors prepping and preparing for college 

Gia Easter, Graphics Team

Seniors Krysta Schwab and Rachel Sandstrom hard and work and prepare for the future not so far ahead. (Credit: Gia Easter)

Most high school students are now starting to think about the future after this glorious high school experience ends. Although, it can be very overwhelming to understand where to start. To help lessen this feeling of overwhelming anxiousness, two seniors have some advice to help that thinking process. 

When did you start thinking about your plan and how long did it take you? 

 “I started thinking on my plan since the beginning of high school when I signed up for AP classes for college credit and looking into the Naviance app to learn about the fundamentals of college, it took until junior year to think about where I wanted to be after high school” – Aasiyah O’riley  

“I started thinking about college during freshman year, but it took me most of high school to figure out what colleges I want to go and what majors I’m interested in because I’m constantly changing and discovering new things about myself.” – Olivia Capodicasa 

How are you preparing for college? 

“I’m currently working on college applications by writing my essays and getting involved in more extracurricular activities” – Olivia Capodicasa 

“I am saving up for funds with a weekend/after school job, studying for SAT, working on application letters, essays and looking for scholarship opportunities” – Aasiyah O’riley  

How does it feel now that your time at Roswell is coming to an end? 

“The 4 years seemed to go by a lot quicker than I thought so I am nervous about my grades and SAT scores but also excited about moving on to college and finally being done with grade school” – Aasiyah O’riley  

“It’s sad knowing that high school is almost over because I’ve met so many great people, but it’s exciting to see where everyone will end up after high school” – Olivia Capodicasa 

Then future can be very scary but with a plan on what is next can help the crazy stress die down. Hopefully the advice from the seniors will help kick start your ideas.