Gobble Up These Sting Articles This Thanksgiving

Savannah Young, Director of Design

Thanksgiving is typically a time when family and friends come together and enjoy one another’s company. But it’s also a time filled with watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, arguing about politics, and wondering how long your long-distance cousin has been sitting right in front of you.  

Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the most looked-forward to parts of Thanksgiving. Each year, millions of people tune in to see the new and returning balloons. (Credit: Macy’s on Twitter)

However you celebrate Thanksgiving, here’s a list of the best Sting articles to read this holiday season. 

Roswell Traditions 

Roswell is one of the most unique cities in Georgia. With its uniqueness comes original Thanksgiving traditions. In Roswell alum Sylvia Nelson’s blog, she shares loads of Roswell traditions that’ll have you trying them out in a heartbeat. 

Are we decorating for Christmas too early? 

As the years go on, Roswell sets up for Christmas earlier and earlier. Whether for those who believe in waiting until after Thanksgiving to begin decorating, or those who have the mindset that everyday should be Christmas, check out Ansley Tanner’s article on the city of Roswell decorating before Thanksgiving. 

The best memories are made on Turkey Day 

One of the best parts of Thanksgiving is gathering around the table with family and friends. For Gabby Lerner, this is when the best memories are made. If you’re passionate about Thanksgiving festivities, check it out. 

It’s not time for Christmas music 

If you’re fed up with Christmas music coming on the radio in the middle of October, then Claire Mulkey’s article is the one for you. 

Which pie is the best pie? 

If you’re like me, pumpkin pie is the best pie. But everybody’s different. If you’re looking for some pie recommendations this Thanksgiving, check out Roswell alum Cami Shiappa’s blog on everyone’s favorite pie flavors. 

Thanksgiving Decorating 

Jaeden Davis said it best when he said that Thanksgiving falls “in the middle of the two most popular holidays of the year: Christmas and Halloween.” Between turning homes into haunted houses and winter wonderlands, Thanksgiving is usually looked over in the way of decorating. But every holiday deserves to be decorated for. For decorating tips, check out the blog for some good ideas! 

Thanksgiving Foods Review 

Have you ever wondered what the best Thanksgiving food is? If you have—or are just looking for some good dinner options, check out Cecilia Rubio’s article on the best foods to eat next Thursday. 

Family Dynamics 

Politics are almost always a topic on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you have a very conservative or a very liberal family member, politics are bound to be brought up at some point. If you’re looking to establish some ground rules to dissolve tension this holiday season, consider reading Lauren Helsing’s article on the ordeal.