Sterling’s Shuffle: Donda Deluxe Album Review


Although the deluxe album cover is the same blank picture as the original Donda album, Donda Deluxe is a much better and polished piece of art. (Credit: Spotify)

Sterling Hitchcock

On Sunday, November 14th, Kanye West dropped “Donda (Deluxe),” which was an addition to his other album “Donda,” which was released on August 29th. The Deluxe album featured three entirely new songs as well as an addition to songs such as “Remote Control pt. 2” and “Keep My Spirit Alive pt. 2”. The three new songs added were a phenomenal addition to the album; it felt as if it tied the storyline of the entire album together. The song “Life of the Party (with Andre 3000)” was personally my favorite addition to the track list; it has a very emotional aspect and speaks of Kanye West’s struggle of not being able to speak to his mom since her passing. It is easily one of the best pieces of music Kanye West has ever put out and will go down as an all-time great song. The songs “Up From The Ashes” and “Never Abandon Your Family” are very two different pieces, “Up From The Ashes” is very more vibe worthy, so if you do not listen to Kanye but love more mainstream rap or pop, then this is for you. “Never Abandon Your Family” is a lot slower and more methodical; it speaks about how Kanye West feels like he is losing his family, which relates back to his recent split up with Kim Kardashian. Overall, the album was a lot more polished on the deluxe version; the addition of multiple verses on songs such as “Remote Control pt. 2” made the album a lot better. It is evident that since August, Kanye has been remixing and working on the album to make it better, and he accomplished that. I give this album a 10/10 rating.