Roswell Local Flair: “Drink coffee, do good” at Land of a Thousand Hills 

Rachel Sandstrom, Copy Editor

Escape to the world of delicious coffee and good people at Land of a Thousand hills. Any day is a good day to enjoy a cup of coffee and do some good. (Credit: LTH Instagram)

By now I am sure you all know that I cannot pass up on reviewing a quality coffee shop. With that said, this month I have discovered yet another amazing coffee shop that gives Roswell that flair I have been talking about. The shop is called Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee and it is located on 352 Atlanta St, Roswell, GA 30075. It is open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm on Friday, 9:00 am to 9:00 pm on Saturday, and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday.  

“Drink coffee, do good,” is their motto and it couldn’t be more fitting for their mission. Coffee was a staple in Rwanda before the civil war struck in 1994. After years of fighting and genocide the coffee industry and trust between farmers broke down. So, the founder of Land of a Thousand Hills, also known as LTH, Jonathan Golden built the first LTH coffee washing station in the Ruli farming region. He then bought a 12lb roaster and hired a consultant to teach him how to roast coffee beans. He made a lasting impact on farmers and many started working together again after years of not talking. Now, the LTH family works with over 10,000 farmers worldwide through selling their coffee beans. They have many LTH coffee houses across the U.S. and Roswell is just lucky to have been the original one.  

This is just one example of the beautiful handiwork of a Land of a Thousand hill’s barista. They seem to froth the milk just right every time making for an intricate design. (Credit: LTH Instagram)

Their mission isn’t the only thing that attracted me, it was also the wonderful people who work there and the perfectly roasted coffee. Their customer service is impeccable. They just know how to treat their customers well, with respect and politeness. I have been to this coffee house multiple times but when I go I usually order specialty lattes which are delicious. Recently I visited over the weekend and decided to just go with a plain cappuccino with oat milk and it was very good. Most coffee places such as Dunkin and Starbucks burn their coffee beans and in order to make the drink drinkable you have to add a bunch of sugar and God knows what else. LTH knows how to make a cup of coffee. The perfect roast of the cappuccino paired perfectly with that creamy oat milk taste makes it heaven on earth. They pay attention to detail at LTH because then on top of the perfect coffee they create beautiful latte art that really puts it over the top. 

Along with their delicious coffee the atmosphere is what makes this coffee house one of my favorites. When you step in it is warm and inviting and it is always decorated with whatever holiday is coming up. Like right now there are orange lights all around the place with fake autumn leaves to give it that fall flavor and soon they will switch to a winter wonderland. This makes it inviting pulling you in to stay a while. I’m telling you, I probably get more homework done there than I do while I’m in school. So, if you’re ever stuck in a procrastination rut or simply want a delicious cup of coffee, give Land of a Thousand Hills a try. In my opinion, this coffee house is a solid 10/10 because I simply have no complaints. Be sure to check out my last blog in this series on Gregory’s Atlanta Vegan Breakfast. (insert link)