Houston Rapper Don Toliver drops his highly anticipated album, “Life of a Don” 

Noah Goulbourne, Staff Writer

The Houston made rapper exceeds expectations with his emotion filled 3rd Album. (Credit: Apple Music)

Over the past few years, Don Toliver has become my favorite rap artist. On October 8th, he dropped “Life of a Don,” which was his 3rd album. Life of a Don consisted of 16 songs with famous artists featuring such as Travis Scott, Baby Keem, and Kali Uchis. It’s impossible to skip any song on the album as every song is fantastic. The best part about Don’s style of music is that he is great at switching his pace within songs. Whether it’s slow to fast, or vice versa Don completely understood the assignment.  

Although all 16 songs were amazing, here are my top three in order. “BOGUS” comes in hot at number three. This song is super-fast paced and is all about not tolerating toxic people and being able to see through fake people. This song was relatable to me as it reminded me of past friendships that had ended due to things becoming toxic and fake. Ranked number two is “Company, Pt.2”. This amazing track is all about having a shoulder to lean on. Having someone who you can go to in times where you are stressed out is extremely important, and Don express that. Although I love faster songs, this one was super slow but was stellar due to Don’s ability to master both singing paces. Coming in at number one is, “Way Bigger.” For the most part, Don is usually a humble artist. However, this song was the complete opposite, and I really enjoyed it. This song shows that it is completely okay to flex sometimes and not be humble. Also, Don raps about how things in his life are getting better and bigger such as his houses, cars, and money; I truly found this song inspirational as it makes me want to strive for greatness and nothing below that.  

Overall, “Life of a Don” was a 10/10. Whether I am entering or exiting the school, this album is always on repeat. If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen, you can check it out on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube Music.