Hall and Oates: H20

Grady Johnson, Staff Writer

H20 Album review of popular 80’s band Hall and Oats (Credits: Apple Music)

Hall and Oates had a serious commercial run through the ‘70s, and they were really able to keep it up through the 80s. H2O may have been their most well-known record of the decade as the songs added a nice-sounding touch that really gave listeners the feel of what the 1980s had been truly about. 

Hall and oats hadn’t been about just the cutting-edge quality music but the catchy hooks that Hall and Oats added into their unique music. The H20 album is in the mix between Pop and Rock, which is what made the album’s songs so great they had such a wonderful mixture that connected super well with each song they played.

Whether it was the mixture of warped guitar to start the song off or the lead vocals of Daryll Hall that made their songs loved, they made one huge impact that had fans hooked on the reminiscing sounds. The popular album was released on October 4th of 1982. “Maneater,” one of their most popular songs included in H20, had spent a career-best month at the top of the Billboard chart beginning that December. 

I would give the album a 9 out of 10 due to the number of hits that they had in the album that they added when producing it, and I just overall love the album cover as it seems to just fit right in. The flaws I have with this album is that there could have been a couple more songs but other than that, I believe that it is nearly perfect.