Flawless Flag Football Star Katie Northenor


Katie received the Offensive Player of the Year award, a huge accomplishment! (credit: @RoswellFlag on Twitter)

Alexandra Wiggins, Editor - People Page

Stealing flags left and right, junior Katie Northenor is a star player on the Roswell High School girls’ flag football team. Not only is she incredible at flag football, but she has also had incredible performances in soccer, as well as in the track and field sprinting distances. Northenor plays on “both sides of the ball by being our starting quarterback on offense and corner back on defense,” says Head Coach Emily Hoza.  

 A lot of girls at Roswell High School have been requesting to have a flag football team for many years in the past since other schools are able to have one statewide. Finally, members got their request approved and a team was formed.  

Northenor has been a perfect addition to the inaugural flag football team, with her competitive spirit and self-determination. Northenor mentions that she “wanted to play this year because the coaches are amazing, and a lot of my friends play with me, so it sounded really fun.” She has made life-long memories that she’ll never forget because of the community of flag football and team spirit. She has also shown her insane athletic dominance on the field, especially in the area games, with “515 passing yards, 8 passing touchdowns, and 724 rushing yards with 9 touchdowns,” mentions Assistant Coach Tim Feilen.  

Without Katie’s amazing offense and defense skills, “having 15 pulls (tackles) and 1 interception for a touchdown,” Feilen says, the team couldn’t have made it as far as they have. The team just won the area championship, going undefeated in area play with a 7-0 record. These stats of Northenor’s game have shown her hard work. It’s believable that she works with great effort to those watching the game and those playing alongside her as teammates. Junior Peyton Cuen says, “No matter what, she is always encouraging people and helping them in practice. She has gotten at least one touchdown in every game and that says a lot about her hard work.”  

This huge win adds to the incredible team bonding and friendship that has been formed within the girls’ flag football team. Coach Hoza says that “Katie is a hardworking, driven and multi-sport athlete. She is one of our team captains this season.” She has formed many life-long memories, that will help her achieve her athletic and non-athletic goals. Northenor says, “my favorite memory from this season so far is when we beat Hillgrove, who were last year’s state runners-up, and the bus ride back everyone was super excited.” Northenor has many goals for next season, especially since it will be her senior year, with exciting performances to come.  

Since the flag football girls won the area championship, they will now compete in playoffs to attempt to make it to the state championship. Roswell High School will host the first two rounds of the Georgia High School Association playoffs on Nov. 20, 2021. If the girls continue to win in the playoffs, then they will get to compete at the state championship at the Georgia State Stadium in Atlanta. Also, to check on more stats about Northenor and the whole team click here.

Watching Northenor perform in the upcoming games will be an incredible experience to watch. Good luck to her and teammates!  

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