New Roswell City Council Members ready to improve the city


Peter Vanstrom works with his team at his business, Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta allowing him to gain experience behind supporting businesses around Roswell. (Credit: Peter Vanstrom website)

Rachel Sandstrom

Roswell City Council election results are in and the people of Roswell are ready to see what new plans these City Council members plan to lay out. The winner of post four is Peter Vanstrom with a total of 8,964 votes. The winner of post five after a runoff election on Nov. 30 is William Morthland with a total of 3,580 votes. Last but not least, the winner of post six is Lee Hills with a total of 8,684 votes. Each new member is bringing their own strengths to the table to create a better Roswell City Council. 


Peter Vanstrom’s tagline is “strong businesses, safe neighborhoods, and smart traffic solutions.” Vanstrom knows how to build a strong business as he has started a dentistry called Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta. According to Vanstrom’s website he was able to create a successful business by following a simple rule: the customer always comes first. He doesn’t take all the credit for this business he mentions he could not have built a business without the help of his skilled team. From owning a business himself he knows how to build up businesses around Roswell. He also understands how to keep Roswell afloat by developing the city where needed. Vanstrom served on the Roswell Planning Commision, on the Roswell 2040 Comprehensive Plan Stakeholder Committee and as Chair of the Northlake Community Alliance Board of Trustees. This was a $1 million revitalization project near Northlake where the group was able to successfully provide beautification, streetscape enhancements, and traffic flow improvements. 


Senior Veronica Soroka comments on Vanstrom’s plans, “It seems to me like Peter is a nice guy. He openly admits that his business success is not because of him-it is because of his team! It is important for leaders to not see themselves as above others. He is involved in Roswell which is much appreciated and shows his character.” 


William Morthland’s main focus as a member of City Council is, in his words according to his website, “I want to work for taxpayers and ensure our tax dollars are appropriately managed.” He will be able to do this using his past background being a small-business partner for MortageRight, a bank examiner for the Alabama State Banking Department, and a bank auditor for a national bank. He also has a goal to stop overdevelopment which he hopes will help lower congestion and crime rates in metro Atlanta which will prevent this from coming into Roswell. In addition to these goals he would like to put more money into our Parks and Recreation programs.  


Soroka shares her thoughts on Morthland as well, “William is clearly attractive to the working class. Everyone wants the taxes they pay to benefit themselves and the community and make a better Roswell! Overdevelopment has been a recent issue in Roswell, and he seems to tackle it. Overall, William seems like he wants to protect Roswell and make it a better community.” 

Lee Hills is a long time member of the Roswell community starting from the time both her kids (Graham and Rapley) attended RHS. (Credit: Lee Hills website)

Lee Hills wants to do things such as protect our neighborhoods and restore trust and transparency. She plans to protect our neighborhoods by funding public safety. Hills knows most of the time infrastructure projects around Roswell are over-budget and not on time. In order to avoid this she plans to implement more public oversight measures. She has served for six years on the Habersham Downs neighborhood HOA and been the President of the Roswell High School PTA. She is proud of her many volunteer accomplishments such as being a founding board member of the Keller Williams non-profit Curtain Team Cares. Their mission is to provide care and resources to empower the vulnerable and strengthen communities.  


Senior Kendall Gilreath is excited to see what there is to be done with a new city council, “As an upcoming voter I’m excited to see how they use their role as city councilman/woman to benefit the town that I have called home for the last 18 years.”  


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