Are you ready to rumble? Yes, we are with this year’s Roswell Wrestling Team


The team is getting hyped up for the upcoming Saturday Met. (credit: Sophia Schwartz)

Sophia Schwartz, Writing Coach

The wrestling team is starting the season off strong with getting through their first two tournaments. The team is working hard every day after school with practice from 4-6 and duals and meets over the weekends. With every addition to the team, they grow stronger, better, and more unified. Even after two tournaments, they are far from finished with the season, so in order to learn more about how the season is tracking so far, I reached out to Coach Bradach; the head coach for the team, Thomas Rhodes, 11; one of the team captains, and Andy Isom, 9; a newbie to the wrestling team.  


Coach Bradach: 

Me: “How do you feel about the season?” 

Coach Bradach: “I’m very excited about the upcoming season. We have some new faces on the team but should be able to fill some holes in our lineup. We just need experience. The first half of the season will be a learning experience but the second half we should be more competitive. We will grow up fast. The first couple of weeks have gone well and the team bond solidifies a little more each day.” 

Me: “What do you think about the new wrestling room?” 

Coach Bradach: “Our new facility adds a much-needed dimension to our program. It took a lot of sweat to set up, but we now have a home to be proud of. We will work to improve it over time, but it serves us well now. We can practice and train all together easily very efficiently.” 

Me: “What are your goals for the team?” 

Coach Bradach: “Our goal is to compete for a region team title and send as many kids as possible to the state tournament. We want a state champion this year! There’s only been 2 at Roswell and it’s time to get another one.” 

Me: “How are the new coaches for this year?” 

Coach Bradach: “We are fortunate to have 3 new coaches to our team. They add many years of experience, wisdom, and guidance. Coach Lenning, Underwood and Caldwell have been easy to get along with and willing to help the program in any way they can. I feel very positive about what they will contribute to the program. 

Thomas Rhodes: 

Me: “How’s the season so far?” 

Thomas R: “So far we’re just trying to get back into the groove of wrestling, getting into shape, and figuring out how we’re gonna look this year.” 

Me: “How’s the team looking this year?” 

Thomas R: “Our team has things to improve on, but we’re looking good and we’re filling in some weight classes that we haven’t had in past years.” 

Me: “How is the new wrestling room compared to the old facility?” 

Thomas R: “The new wrestling facility is great mainly because we don’t have to drive to practice anymore and it’s right on campus.” 

Me: “What are you looking forward to this season?” 

Thomas R: “I’m mainly looking forward to the team’s duals this season because our team atmosphere is really good this year.” 

The Roswell Wrestling team finally has a place to call home. (credit: Sophia Schwartz)

Andy Isom: 

Me: “Why did you decide to join wrestling?” 

Andy I: “Well Coach Bradach was hoping to get more players for the team and so I was like, well I’m not really doing anything else. It could be fun.” 

Me: “How’s the season so far?” 

Andy I: “I’m having a lot of fun. The sport is entertaining…I think it’s really enjoyable.” 

Me: “What are you looking forward to this season?” 

Andy I: “Well on Saturday we have an event. I’m pumped for that.  

Me: “How do you like the new wrestling room?” 

Andy I: “It’s really cool. I have no problems with it. So, yeah, I like it.  

Me: “Is there anything else you want to add?” 

Andy I: “I just want to say that everyone has been so supportive and that I’m very accepted especially as a newbie.”