Celebration in the Streets: Braves Big World Series Win

Denis Ilksoy, Editor - Blogs Page

The aftermath of the parade resulted in mosh pits of people rushing toward Truist Park. (Credit : Ryan Buckley)

November 2nd marks a monumental event in Atlanta sports history. For the first time in over 26 years the Atlanta Braves have won a World Series Championship against the Houston Astros. As a direct result, schools across Georgia closed on Friday, November 5 for an impromptu celebratory parade spanning from downtown Atlanta to Truist Park in Cobb County. 

According to ABC News, an estimated one million fans showed up all along the parade route. Clad in their Braves World Series merchandise, fans watched as the players and their families rode by atop pickup trucks, double decker buses, and trolleys. Champagne and confetti rained down on the sea of ecstatic fans as the Atlanta Braves closed out their hard-fought season. 

While the parade, overall, was a massive success, the infrastructure that held it up proved challenging against the hundreds of thousands of fans shoulder to shoulder around Truist Park. Prior to the event, tickets for a concert featuring Atlanta natives Ludacris and Big Boi were announced to the public free of charge. The forty-one thousand tickets were claimed in under an hour and brought with them scores of fans hoping to sneak in. Senior, Luke Rosen, explained that “I was a Braves club member, and the tickets were supposed to be offered to us early. Instead, the codes were leaked early, and I barely got one”. Many Braves fans expressed their discontent with the handling of the celebration on Twitter. Despite the chaotic conditions, fans like senior, Nick Weir received an unforgettable experience. “It was so cool to see my favorite players up close and only days after they brought home a title”.  

After 26 long of waiting, the Atlanta Braves were finally treated to their championship trophy and celebration dedicated to the team and its fans. Just like the past season of baseball, the parade had few rough edges that needed smoothing out, but as Atlanta fans know well nothing worth having comes easy.