The Buzz Around New Vending Machine Hours


New vending machine hours posted on every vendin machine around school. (Credit: Jessie Schwitters)

Jessie Schwitters, Staff Writer

Vending machines are essential staple to most high schools. Including Roswell, many students are always in line, ready to grab a quick snack during class change.  

Students would also go during study hall and lunchtime, which most wouldn’t think would be a problem; however, teachers started telling them they were no longer supposed to go to vending machines during lunchtime.  

“I was very confused on why the school would close vending machines during lunch, you would think thats when the vending machines would make the most money. Many students who didn’t bring lunches, including me, would grab a couple snacks before entering the cafeteria.”-  

Eventually, after Dr. Shaw announced the seeming “new” vending machine rules daily, students noticed that the vending machines were closing during lunch hours from 11:30 until 1:26.  

“We asked Dr. Shaw and found out it is a federal law that vending machines must be closed during lunches so that they don’t compete with the cafeteria.”- RHS co-executive student council presidents Sadie Zeigler and Clarie Mulkey. 

Why The New Hours 

“A competitive food is defined by 7 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 210.11 and 220.12 as any food item that is sold to children other than foods sold or served as a part of the national school lunch (NSLP) and School Breakfast (SBP) Programs on the school campus during the school day. Also referred to as Smart Snacks in Schools or All Foods Sold in Schools” – Georgia Department Of Education. 

According to Georgia law vending machines are not allowed to be in use during cafeteria hours because of the Competitive foods, which are not to be sold or served as a part of school lunch. This would also explain why baked goods such as candy, and cakes are not allowed to be sold during school. 

“Competitive foods include, but are not limited to, foods sold in vending machines, snack bars, student stores, a la carte, at school activities, fundraisers and other venues.”- Georgia Department Of Education.” 

Therefore to follow state laws dr. shaw has closed vending machines between 11:25- 1:30. 

For now these hours will not change and if students would like something from the vending machines they should go before or after lunch time.