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Which Oscar nominee should have won best picture?

March 12, 2019

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Which Oscar nominee should have won best picture?

All the astounding flims nominated for best picture.| Graphic: Cami Schiappa

All the astounding flims nominated for best picture.| Graphic: Cami Schiappa

All the astounding flims nominated for best picture.| Graphic: Cami Schiappa

All the astounding flims nominated for best picture.| Graphic: Cami Schiappa

The 2019 Oscars was one of a kind. Without a host this year stars from all aspects of Hollywood gathered to commemorate all of the films featured this year. The dresses and ambiance of this year’s award show was exceptional and the movies nominated for best picture were no exception. The 8 films nominated highlight the phenomenal actors and actresses and in addition displays the phenomenal work of producers, costume designers, visual effects teams and cinematographers. These are the 8 pictures nominated for the esteemed title of best picture:


“Blackkklansman” tells the story of a young African American who applies to the Colorado Springs police department and works as an undercover cop in order to break up the KKK. Through the endeavor, Ron Stallworth faces a racist America juxtaposed with the rise of black student unions all in the effort to stop the violent acts of hate crime.

Black Panther:

“Black Panther” depicts a futuristic world in which a large city is disguised amongst the plains of Africa. In this universe, the city bands together to help fight the evils plaguing the citizens in an epic superhero saga.   

Bohemian Rhapsody:

“Bohemian Rhapsody” tells the story of rockstar legend Freddie Mercury and the curation of the band Queen. The movie depicts not only the achievements of the band but the tribulations of Freddie’s life as he goes through a journey of self discovery.

The Favourite:

Two women close to English royal Queen Anne battle for the top spot as the queen’s “Favourite.” The peak into the glamorous life of a Queen has brilliant costumes and makeup, depicting the era’s unique style wonderfully.

Green Book:

“Green Book” is an homage to musical genius Don Shirley, an African American who earned his doctorate in classical music, but is known for his upbeat jazz style around the United States. Tony Vallelonga, a brooding Italian American from the Bronx, who is hired to drive Mr. Shirley through the deep south on his musical tour in a pre-civil rights era.


This foreign film takes place in Mexico and follows a young girl and her family as they work as house maids. This coming of age story tells of her journey as she becomes pregnant during a time of political unrest in Mexico, while still trying to work her job.

A Star is Born:

Bringing back the timeless classic remodeled for the fourth time, the film, which features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, tells the story of a young girl and her rise to stardom with a troubled rockstar. By showing the path from waitress to Grammy-winning performer, the movie depicts the struggles of a high profile life.


Dick Cheney and president George W. Bush, two strong political advocates, fight to become the most relevant in American politics. The more modern rehashing of the political turmoil proves to be an enticing movie to lovers of both modern politics and United States history.    

Who should have won:

I believe Spike Lee’s “Blackkklansman” should have won for best picture at the 2019 Oscars. This clever and comedic take on a the crucial topic of racial discrimination throughout the 60’s. A tell-all tale of a young man fighting popular hate group the KKK shows barriers being broken and breaks barriers itself. Not only does the movie depict a monumental moment in American history, it’s cinematic technique further enhanced the movie and brought true brilliance into the film. Greenbook, directed by Peter Farrelly, won the infamous award this year. While the film was brilliantly done, it failed to tie in the situation of racial discrimination into today’s media, which “Blackkklansman” encapsulated perfectly.


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