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“I don’t take responsibility at all”: how the coronavirus mishandling is a swan song to Trump’s presidency

Isabella Cordell, Director of Communications

May 28, 2020

COVID-19 has shaken the nation, prompting school and business closures as well as infecting over 185,000 people in the U.S. alone. With Georgia unfortunately having increasing coronavirus activity, anxious Georgians look to th...

How does media make people feel worry and fear?

Jakai Spikes, Twitter Captain

April 30, 2020

I believe that the media can create and project fear to the viewers, causing people to live in fear and not in faith that things will get better. With this COVID-19 disease growing bigger and bigger everyday, it is super important...

Big businesses shouldn’t get priority over small ones

Bridget Frame, Director of Graphics

April 29, 2020

Cheesecake Factory recently announced that their business will not be paying rent in April due to a lack of business from the pandemic. Last year, Cheesecake Factory’s net income was 127.92 million dollars. Here’s why this is such an infuriating headline to see during the pandemic. This pandemic has hit bu...

Hearing Jazz music is life

Emma Guglielmo, Copy Editor

March 13, 2020

Jazz. The music that trickles through the elevator’s speakers, then followed by a small diss of “Ugh. Jazz music is the worst.” The music that has been reduced in all of its glory to the stuff played at elderly homes, deemed...

We should celebrate our differences

Maynor Chinchilla, Opinion Editor

March 12, 2020

There are a lot of differences in the world but are these differences bad or good? Our world is full of diversity where we can learn from each other's differences. Sadly, not everyone thinks this way. A lot of people do not lik...

Eating disorders in teens: A social media problem, or something else?

Macey MacArthur, People Editor

March 11, 2020

Recently, major problems with the well being of teenagers seem to all be blamed on the rise of social media. Mental illnesses, high suicide rates, and even eating disorders have been said to stem from the overwhelming amount ...

The Coronavirus and racial discrimination

Ava Weinreb, Director of Business

March 10, 2020

COVID 19, or the coronavirus has grabbed the world by storm, currently holding its death toll at 2,100. This virus is more deadly than the past SARS outbreak. However, there is a larger illness plaguing the world, xenophobia....

Can crystals benefit us?

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

March 5, 2020

Recently, I have been exploring the world of crystals. A few of the youtubers I watch often talk about crystals and how it has benefited their lives, so I got some crystals to see if they actually have benefits. I have had my do...

School should start later in the day

Grace Swift, Instagram Co-Captain

February 19, 2020

Sleep is a key factor for a student’s school performance and mental health, which is why  many people debate whether or not schools should start later. Right now at Roswell High School, classes start at 8:20 a.m. and if you w...

Ditch that diet!

Gabby Lerner, Copy Editor

February 18, 2020

As spring break is slowly approaching, you may be worried about getting your “bikini body” back and shedding off your “winter coat”. Many embark on crazy, dangerous diets that may lead to a binge-restrict cycle.  A ...

Distracted teen drivers pose a threat to the roads

Noah Goulbourne, Twitter Co-Captain

February 18, 2020

Nowadays, there are plenty of distractions for drivers once they get behind the wheel. These distractions can lead to car damage, serious injuries and even death. According to, “the average number of car ac...

Too many streaming services, not enough money

Sahba Ostovarravary, Copy writer

January 30, 2020

With the fall of cable TV, people have started subscribing to online streaming services to get the content they want. What used to be a convenient way to pay a small monthly fee for all the shows and movies someone would want h...

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