Cooking with Gabby: Steak Stir Fry

Gabby Lerner, Staff Writer

I love Asian food, especially stir fry. My stir fry recipe is a great lunch or dinner option.

The ingredients for the stir fry are inexpensive and easy to find. Credit: Gabby Lerner

The ingredients in my stir fry include:

-soy sauce


-frozen peppers

-sesame oil

-canned bamboo shoots

-thin sliced steak

I first cut the steak into thin pieces and cook it in a pan. I then add the frozen peppers and canned bamboo shoots in. After, I add the sesame oil, soy sauce and teriyaki sauce to taste. 

My stir fry goes great with rice or cauliflower rice, and the meat can be substituted with chicken, shrimp and more. 


Cooking the stir fry is relatively simple and leads to a delicious meal. Credit: Gabby Lerner