Our favorite fall recipes

Drew Maddox and Jessie Schwitters

Every fall most people look forward to one thing, yummy food. This season we’ve tried some new, delicious fall recipes for you!


Drew – My favorite flavor in the fall is pumpkin and I love to cook breakfast. Pancake flipping is my specialty, so when I found this gluten-free pumpkin pancakes recipe it got me really excited. My experience making these pancakes was amazing. The prep and cook time together is only fifteen minutes and it’s a very simple breakfast. I promise you it’s totally worth it. My favorite thing about these pancakes is how light and fluffy they were, especially being gluten-free. They are also healthier and left me with the non-guilty feeling after eating them. I highly recommend you make these delicious pancakes this fall! Link to recipe here


The final product of my yummy pancakes topped off with butter! (Drew Maddox)


Jessie – My favorite fall treat is pumpkin brownies. They are the perfect mix between chocolate and pumpkin. The brownie has a chocolatey bite with a pumpkin after taste. Although the prep and cook time is only forty-five minutes, they are most definitely worth it, and are perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Another plus is there isn’t a lot of ingredients that go into making these brownies. They are perfect for people who like sweets but not too rich. I most definitely recommend this sweet treat for the fall season! Click here for the recipe for the brownies.


A photo of these delicious Brownies! (Cookie Rookie)