Five Guys Gets Five Stars


– A classic burger from Five Guys is $7.69 and worth every penny. Photo by Ashley Meyer

Katherine Northenor and Ashley Meyer

Located just a few minutes down the road from Roswell High School, Five Guys is a burger restaurant with delicious food and friendly workers. Five Guys serves burgers, fries, hotdogs, sandwiches, and complementary peanuts located right by the door. If the customer orders a burger, they can choose from the many unique toppings they offer, which makes everyone’s experience different. Toppings from lettuce to jalapeno peppers allow Five Guys to cater to each person’s individual tastes.


For those who are not in the mood for a burger, there are other main course options, including one of Five Guys’ tasty shakes. The handspun vanilla milkshakes with many options for mix-ins are a delicious way to finish off your meal or the perfect pair with an order of fries. There are also vegetarian options, such as their veggie sandwich and grilled cheese. 


Although the Five Guys on Woodstock Road is not currently offering indoor seating due to the pandemic, they do have curbside pick up and an outdoor seating area for those who would still like to eat at the restaurant. We give Five Guys a 9/10 rating because of their good food and service. Even though Five Guys is slightly more expensive than other burger restaurants around the area, we believe that the quality of the food outweighs that, so next time you are looking for a burger restaurant to try, make sure to visit Five Guys to receive an enjoyable meal.