New National Park in West Virginia


Ducks, like this statue, are just one of the many wonderful species you can observe at the new national park. Photo Credit: Gemma Mueller-Hill

Gemma Mueller-Hill

Yellowstone was established in 1872 and became America’s first National Park. Today there are over 60 National Parks all promoting the preservation of wildlife and admiration of Earth’s natural beauty. These National Parks meet this objective with the protection of the federal government. Recently it has been announced that the 63rd National Park is being established in West Virginia. This will be the first and only National Park to lie within West Virginia’s borders.

With most of the world stuck working from home, the possibilities for entertainment have narrowed immensely. This search for amusement has led many to increase their outdoor time due to the decreased chance of infection from COVID-19 when outside. 

For those investigating new outdoor adventures to explore, I suggest booking a trip to the new National Park in West Virginia. While it is a bit of a long drive from Georgia, I think the drive would be worthwhile as it is said to include many great outdoor activities such as fishing, rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and even camping. 

Overall, I suggest the new National Park in West Virginia if you want to get away from the constant chaos of today’s world and gain a new appreciation for the great outdoors, while simultaneously engaging in activities that many would include on their bucket lists.