We should have seen it coming: Governor Brian Kemp’s secret identity revealed

Bella Dombrowski

Brian Kemp has recently come forward and confessed that he is a member of the socialist party. They are a dangerous group spreading anti-capitalist ideas that have ties to the Democratic party. Bryan Kemp has been secretly pushing these leftist ideals, through his political decisions regarding COVID-19 and Trump. 


The Republican party should have seen this coming when Brian Kemp betrayed the party during his call with Donald Trump. When asked to “help” Trump out with some of the votes, Kemp refused. According to an article by “The Hill,” Kemp did not “find 11,780 votes” or “find the fraud” for Trump. This refusal to obey his future president (Trump 2024) is against democracy and pushes leftist values and lies that have been plaguing the US. 


He has also admitted the “P” in his middle name, which supposedly stood for Porter, actually stands for Pelosi. According to a Wikipedia article, it says “His middle name was Pelosi but he changed it before running.” Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, is known for her Democratic views and has been pushing them since she entered politics in 1987. According to an article by  speaker.gov, Nancy Pelosi’s agenda is “fighting For the People, working to lower health care costs, increase workers’ pay through strong economic growth and rebuilding America.” If that’s not leftist, pro socialist ideals then I don’t know what is. 


Another one of Kemp’s Democratic ideas is the COVID-19 vaccines that will be free. He slid this under our noses. As U.S. citizens it’s our right and responsibility to pay for healthcare. While the vaccine price is out of Kemp’s hands, he clearly hasn’t fought enough to get people to pay for them. Free vaccines are a result of socialism and the first step to destroying privatized healthcare. As Natalie Harp at the RNC once said, healthcare is “the right to die with dignity.” To get a second opinion on this matter, the staff asked RHS sophomore Mitch McDonald his opinion on the free vaccines and how they should be distributed. He said “vaccines should not be given to just anyone. It’s against everything this country stands for. To increase competition, the vaccine should only be given to the top 1% as a form of motivation for lazy poor people.” Privatized health care should take control of these COVID-19 remedies so that these vaccines cost hundreds, maybe even thousands, just for one.  


Kemp has also given in to the leftist mask wearing and has fallen victim to science. It was so obvious in the beginning that we should have known he was not with us but against us. According to an article by Politifact, Tucker Carlson said “almost 85% who got the coronavirus in July were wearing a mask.” Carlson’s irrefutable argument just goes to show that masks do not work. My friend of a friend of a friend got COVID-19 even though he was wearing a mask. To get more information on this, the staff decided to interview him to find out how he might have gotten it. He says, “the COVID-19 particles must have gone through the mask. Although the mask wasn’t above my nose, germs can’t go through the nose.” Explain that, CDC. Kemp has been seen in multiple pictures and videos wearing a mask, clearly showing where he stands.  


The confession shouldn’t have been a shock. Kemp had been flaunting his democratic socialist ways right in front of our eyes and we just didn’t see it. He betrayed capitalism, Trump, and wasn’t upfront about his views. It’s a shame to see the Dems escape with this one.