A guide around 30A beach

Drew Maddox, Staff Writer

Best Family Dinner

Best dinner spot located along 30A beach. (Credit: Drew Maddox)

Cafe Thirty-A has been a family favorite restaurant for many years. It is a restaurant that you can dress fancy to, but also bring your kids and have fun! Their menu consists of many options from fancy seafood to chicken fingers as they have a variety of ages drawn to their selections. Another fun aspect is they provide paper coverings to their cloth tables as well as crayons, this way the kids can be occupied while enjoying their meals. 

Best Public Beach

Views from the boardwalk headed to the public beach. (Credit: Drew Maddox)

When going to the beach you most likely wouldn’t expect to visit a park with lots of trees, but Deer Lake State Park has the most beautiful public beach access. Although the walk to the actual beach is a bit long, the views are unbelievable as you walk across multiple rare and protected sand dunes. 

Best Hangout spot

Views from the boardwalk headed to the public beach. (Credit: Drew Maddox)

Alongside Eastern Lake, the Old Florida Fish House is not only an amazing seafood restaurant but also an exciting hangout spot for you and your friends. They have games such as ping pong and giant Jenga set up outside to play with as you enjoy views of the lake. The ambiance around the Fish House is so beautiful, especially at nighttime with their hung lights. Not only are there fun games but also others shops that sell merchandise and ice cream! It is truly one of the most fun restaurants in 30A. 


Best place to watch the sunset

I love sunsets, and one of my favorite parts about vacationing at the beach is getting to watch them along the shore. My favorite place to go during sunset is the Choctawhatchee Bay. Not only does 30A have amazing beaches, but there is also a bay connected to the sea, one of only five in the world. Visiting Farm & Fire for dinner is one of the best options to hang out and watch the sunset while having a delicious meal.