Review of the KD Trey 5 IX

Noah Goulbourne, Staff Writer

The KD Trey 5 IX is one of Kevin Durant’s many shoes when it comes to basketball. These high-tops come in multiple colorways such as Smoke Grey, Dark Smoke Grey, Barely Volt, Pure Platinum. If you have ankle issues or fragile ankles these shoes are for you. The shoe comes in with a built-in cloud like foam inside the shoe that pads your ankles. This foam is called “Smooth Energy Return”, which contains a soft inside core with foam. That core is then covered by another layer of stronger foam which also contains springs in it. This can be very beneficial especially when you jump a lot in your games because one’s ankles are extremely susceptible to ankle damage.  

Usually, low tops are lightweight and easy to move in unlike high-tops. These KD’s prove that wrong. When testing out these shoes, I assumed they would be extremely heavy and annoying to play in for more than an hour. I was wrong! I could truly play in these shoes for multiple hours. Wearing these shoes feels like you are wearing socks. 

Overall, I give these shoes an 8/10. Long hours in these shoes will not wear your feet out at all and are super comfortable. If you play basketball or other sports that require high-tops, then these are for you! Get them now!