Review of Childish Gambino “Kauai” Album 

Laurel Davis, Staff Writer

Album cover for “Kauai” (Credit: Kauai)

Even though “Kauai” (pronounced kuh-wai-ee) was released in 2014, it remains the fan favorite out of all of Childish Gambino’s albums. This album has only seven songs and is just 28 minutes long. This album features other singers like Christian Rich and Jaden Smith. The album is listed on Apple Music as Hip-Hop/Rap. 

All the songs on the album give off a tropical and laid-back vibe when you listen to them. All the songs fade off into silence before they end, giving you a nice break between the different beats of each song. 

My personal favorite on the album is “Late Night in Kauai” featuring Jaden Smith, because it has a nice transition between beats and has a good flow of lyrics. This album has a different overall atmosphere than his other albums. If you do listen to this album, some artists like Surfaces and Surf Curse have similar works, and I recommend checking them out if you enjoy the album!