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Alumni Series: Atalie Omen

Bridget Frame, Photography Captian and Editor of the news page

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Atalie Omen is known as a beacon of light upon the school. Her students admire her tenacity and poise, as well as her dedication to the classroom. Her own thoughtfulness in teaching stemmed from her experiences at Roswell High School. She states, “Because of my experiences as a student here, I knew I wanted to become a teacher.” It is evident she had some incredible teachers that influenced her career.

Addie Omen’s high school yearbook photo from one of her many beloved years as a student at Roswell.

“My favorite teachers were always Social Studies teachers,” she expresses. It’s no wonder she is so beloved in the Social Studies department.

 Omen graduated in 1995, 23 years ago. A memory Omen holds dear is receiving the VIP award. “I remember feeling very special that they singled me out for that recognition,” she says. This is a feeling many other current Roswell students have. Awards like the VIP award give confidence and boost the self-esteem of many students at Roswell High School. When asked about what types of experiences she enjoyed at Roswell, she answered with things like “club activities,” which fostered friendships and fun events. She was in the school around the time the new campus had opened so her year “was the first to do many things.” It is comforting for many students to see a teacher that knows how it feels to be a Roswell High School student.  Omen has a unique perspective that is valuable to our student body. While she has many fond memories in this school, she is creating even more of them for her own students.

Addie Omen, the current AP world historty teacher, as well as the social studies department head.

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Alumni Series: Atalie Omen