A look into the French exchange program

Leah O'Donohue

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Yesterday, Oct. 10, 26  exchange students from France arrived in Atlanta. These students stayed in Roswell for nine days, during which they will experience the dynamic of Roswell High School as well as what the surrounding area has to offer.“About two years ago somebody from the Georgia Department of Education sent out an email saying that a school in eastern France wanted to partner with a school in the Atlanta area that had a German and a French program,” says Madame Bell. Roswell High School was selected from several schools that responded to the email and was paired with the French school.

“The students coming to the school this year are 26 French students,” states Madame Bell. The students that came here are in their junior year and hosted the Roswell students that went to France in March of this year. Accompanying them were two of their teachers: Madame Orivel, an English teacher and Madame Poirot, a P.E. teacher. They arrived on Oct. 10 and left on Oct.19. “They are going to be living with host families and going to school with their host student,” says Madame BellHost families were decided upon early on in the school year and take either a German of French class. “The first families that are host families are families that went on the trip,” says Madame 

Students show off their amazing trip to Epinal, France on the language board outside of E hall. | Photo Leah O’Donohue


Other than that, host families were chosen based on a mix between first come first serve and trying to match female exchange students with female Roswell students and male exchange students with male Roswell students. These host families will be able to take their exchange students on a day trip Sunday Oct. 14. The students also attended special classes and activities that have been set up by several Roswell High teachers. Ms. Moeller’s local history class made a presentation that will introduce the students to Roswell’s history. Sensei Onuki  arranged for some of the students to take part in a tea ceremony. All of the exchange students took an hour of code class with Mr. Lee and his students. Not only have members of Roswell High’s staff volunteered their time but also members of the community. Mrs. Hills, the PTSA president, hosted all the exchange students as well as their host families at her home for a backyard barbeque.

Aside from in-school activities, there were many after school activities available to the exchange students. They got a taste of American school culture when they attended he Homecoming game as well as the Homecoming dance. On Tuesday, Oct. 16 and Thursday, Oct. 18,  the exchange students will have their own daylong field trips. Each student had a surface tablet for the duration of their stay as well. This way the students were able to experience the frustrations of school issued technology during their trip.  Showing these exchange students the best of Roswell was an excellent way to make a good impression on our foreign guests as they will likely tell all their family and friends back home about their American experience.