Halloween in Roswell

Leah O'Donohue, Staff Writer

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Halloween is right around the corner and for many Roswell residents, it means spooky costumes and delicious treats.


Halloween decorations can be found all over Roswell. Photo by: Nicole O’Donohue

“On Saturday my family hosted a Halloween party…This is the first time we are hosting the party…I’m going over to my friend’s house and we are carving pumpkins and watching scary movies.” Amber Barton, a Roswell High School sophomore says about her Halloween plans this year.

Many people have Halloween traditions that they practice every year, whether it’s going to a pumpkin patch or trick or treating with friends. However this year it seems that Roswellians are branching out and trying new things.

“I’m planning on getting my friends together to hang out Halloween… I haven’t done this before so I’m very excited.” Blessed Trinity High School sophomore Lauren Gamis says.

If you’ve ever even heard of Halloween before you already know that costumes are a major tradition that goes with it.

“I am dressing up as Arya Stark from Game of Thrones… She has a black dress over a white dress and a belt and a sword.” Amber Barton says about her costume this year.

“I haven’t thought of a costume yet.” Lauren Gamis states.

Along with costumes and traditions, Halloween decorations can be seen almost everywhere throughout the month of October. If you ever drive down Canton Street you’ll see that many businesses and clubs have made and put up scarecrows near the lampposts.

“Inside we have pumpkins and leaves… rustic fall stuff… Outside we actually have a very creepy graveyard with dolls.” Amber Barton states.

“We usually put out our decorations around the middle of October, and then we decorate pumpkins and put them out on Halloween.” Lauren Gamis says.

What might be by far the best part of the Halloween season, however, is the candy and treats that are commonly found. Twix, Kit Kat, and Reese’s are some common favorites around Roswell.

“I can’t wait for pumpkin pie.” Amber Barton says about one of her favorite things of the season.