Profile on school coffee shop


9th grader, Addi Cederburg is whipping up some hot chocolate. |photo: Natalie Navarra

Natalie Navarra, Staff Writer

The school coffee shop is open during first period on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.The shop is led by the special education students in Mr. Deduonni’s class,and they partner with the coffee shop Scooters. “The coffee shop has expanded greatly throughout the years,” Mr. Deduonni explained, “It was just a mobile cart with just hot coffee that [they] would walk around, and maybe a couple of people would buy some, but last year we got permission to move down to the concession stand, and that boosted up our sales.”

All the students have a variety of different jobs they do, for example,Jefferson Aguirre– Garcia (9) “opens and closes the shop for us. He is really the only one who has learned how to use the little hand crank to open the gate to open up the concession stand window,” Mr. Deduonni explained.

The coffee shop has taught students many valuable life lessons. One important lesson it teaches students is “to be patient,” said freshman, Addi CeberburgSomething that has changed this year is that the coffee shop no longer serves coffee before first period. “It got difficult. The parents had to drop their kids off by 7:10 in the morning, so we could get the coffee brewed up before we could get down there and get the changed into their uniforms, and so a lot parents weren’t to able to do it,” said Mr. Deduonni.

 The Coffee Shop would like to remind students that they can still order coffee.  “Students being allowed to order through their teachers if their teachers approve it. Teachers can just responded to our first period email and we will bring it down there,” Mr. Deduonni explained. The coffee shop is hoping to sell coffee during another period. “We are trying to get Dr. Shaw to give us permission to sell during 4th period in which point, we could sell to the kids at lunch, and we could maybe serve a whole better size of the population of the student,” Mr. Deduonni said. “We sell hot chocolate, iced coffee, mochas, and black coffee,” 10th grader Alyssa Kokorovic said.