Spotify wrapped releases


Spotify wrapped wraps up the decade and year. Credit: Sylvia Nelson

Sylvia Nelson, Staff Writer

Every year, Spotify at the end of the year releases a giant “category” as well as a personalized wrap up of all the music and artists you listened to. This year they also released a wrap up of all the music that you listened to throughout the decade. The point of Spotify releasing the wrapped is a great way to increase people to buy into Spotify premium and also leads the users to listen to more music and stream more minutes. Spotify adopted this application about five years ago and adds more categories each year while also helping the artist in the music industry seeing how their stats added up on Spotify and seeing the fan base of the artist grow. On my own personal Spotify wrapped 2019, I listened to 77 hours of Shawn Mendes and listened to a total of 59,850 minutes of music this year. My top artist was Shawn Mendes and he was also my top artist of the decade. My music map constituted of artist from 48 different countries. I listen to 10,234 min in 2016, 61,876min in 2017, 77,171 min 2018 and 59,850 in 2019. Since Spotify has started the wrapped series, it has brought in a new way of gathering streaks while also showing people the stats of their music from the beginning of their year to the end.