Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is an once in a lifetime experience that every perspective student should experience. Photo Credit:

Jakai Spikes

I went to Auburn University for a college visit, and I noticed that they provide a major there called “Global Studies in Human Sciences”. One of the many things that this major offers is being able to study abroad. Studying abroad to me is important and I feel like every student in school should be able to experience life outside America if they have the opportunity to. Traveling the world is more than just an average trip to the beach, it’s an experience. A life experience that opens you up to life outside of what you see everyday. Traveling the world makes you more immune to trying new things because when you travel to another country you adapt to their culture. Traveling the world gives you the benefit of being able to talk in more intellectual conversations because your perspective of things will be different compared to the majority. Another thing to add, is that traveling the world adds pleasure to the soul because you are also enjoying the luxuries of being on vacation. Not to mention, the awesome photos you will take just to share with your friends and family back at home that will last a lifetime. Traveling the world is an experience that I among many of others will have and cherish forever.