Spotify has more options than SoundCloud


Spotify provides more options than SoundCloud. Credit: MUZU.TV

Noah Goulbourne, Staff Writer

Spotify is a music app in which you can listen to all your favorite artists. SoundCloud is almost the same, except there isn’t as much of a music library. By that, I mean that there is more upcoming artists on SoundCloud then Spotify. For example, if your friend is a new artist in the music game with only a few followers, you are more likely to find him on a SoundCloud. On Spotify you can also listen to podcasts from your favorite hosts. There are over thirteen podcast categories to choose from. Some of my favorites are sports and recreation, stories and comedy. On SoundCloud you must search for music genres instead of just choosing from categories. As soon as you get on Spotify, there are over forty music genres to choose from. I recommend Spotify over SoundCloud any day of the week. Another great feature of the Spotify app is that you can buy tickets to your favorite artists’ concerts.