A journey to have a better online school.


Lets make online school positive. Photo Credits: Unsplash

Maynor Chinchilla

We can all agree that online school is not the best way to learn. It has a lot of technology problems which can cause stress. The fact that we are at home also causes a lot of distractions which makes it harder to learn. 


Here are some ideas to cope with stresses of online school: deep breathing, yoga, play with your pet. This can all help to take out that stress and feel calm/relaxed, which makes everything easier because your brain will not feel like it is going to explode. It will also be easier to think. 


Another tip is organize yourself. As you know our school schedule changes a lot. Now school is shorter, which can give us the time to do all of the homework and other assignments. Something that can help to organize yourself is an agenda. Trust me, it helps a lot. You can also put a little note reminding you what homework you need to do. 


The last tip I got for you is don’t be scared to ask questions. I know it is scary to ask questions now because you may not know the teacher through real life. It can be really difficult to talk to a person who you know just through a computer but trust me they will do anything to help you, and don’t be scared of them because I know every single of them will be happy to help you. 


I know online school can be difficult but remember that you are strong, smart, incredible, and much more. So don’t let small problems stop you from shining. I hope these tips work for you.