Veterans Day Should Be Honored with School Out!


Our soldiers honoring the fallen (Credit: Calfire on Instagram)

Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

108 years ago, on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, World War 1 came to an end. Veterans Day is a day that honors the ones who have served and risked their lives for our country. November 11th is when we take a stand and respect our veterans. 

Many holidays are honored by letting out schools to let families celebrate and be together. Some of these holidays include Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Presidents’ Day. 

Many people have different views on holidays like this and when schools should or should not be let out. It is clear that the students would take any chance they get to have a day off school, but some of the school faculty think it has more importance. 

Roswell world history teacher, Mr. Jarrod Baker, has had experience in the Marine Core and stated, “I would like for it to not be a school day, it would be nice if we would not have to come to work on Veterans Day. I think it should be a national holiday.”  

While some care and mourn over Veterans Day more than others, most everyone would love an extra day off from the school year. The school board has their reasons for keeping school in for this day, but Veterans Day can be sad for some families. 

Families worldwide have loved ones that have gone or are going to fight for our country. As much as we support and are thankful for our soldiers, some families don’t get to watch their loved ones come back the same or sometimes not even at all. Therefore, this is such an important day to let students and faculty stay home and spend time with their beloved soldier or mourn their lost one. I personally had a grandfather who was at war, and every year we love to take this day to honor and respect him with my family. 

While some families don’t have members who were formally in battle, this still gives them a day off, which I believe many people would like even if they don’t understand the importance behind this day.  

People will continue to have different opinions on whether school should be out for certain things. In my opinion, Veterans Day should let schools out so we can pay our respects and honor our fallen soldiers.  

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