Is it a Bite or a Bust: You Macha be crazy not to try out Warm Waves Coffee

Just a hint at the tasty treats found at Warm Waves Coffee House. (Credit; Sevde D.)

Sophia Schwartz

The warm, cozy atmosphere and comfy seating leads to a productive work session. (Credit; Found on Official Facebook Page)

Waking up in the morning can be rough, but the best motivation is knowing that breakfast time is here. What better way to enjoy the first meal of the day than having your food made for you? Warm Waves Coffee House in Alpharetta opened up recently this past summer! It’s a great spot to sit and relax in the morning. Looking around online, from Google Reviews to Yelp, this place is a hit. The drinks and food they offer are tasty and the ambiance of the place is welcoming and easy to chat it up with friends or sit down and work. There is a lot of seating both indoor and outdoor which is a big plus more many customers. Not only do they serve handmade drinks, but they also offer many handmade pastries like cinnamon rolls and donuts. On their website they have a very informative background on the origin on the family-owned establishment, as well as ways to order some of their most popular products and flavors of coffee.  


Good Reviews: 

5 stars: 

“Warm Waves is a welcomed addition to downtown Alpharetta. It may even be my new coffee spot in Alpharetta…It’s a lot bigger than it looks. The inside is spacious, warm, and inviting. Plenty of seating, including a couple of comfortable looking couches. Great place for working or meeting with friends. There’s also outdoor seating.” – Gretel Y. (On Yelp) 


5 stars:  

“Many coffee places in the area have good ambiance, but bad coffee, however, this gem has it all! The owners clearly have a passion for coffee, and it shows! The coffee is delicious, the ambiance is great, there are many tables for working, and fast private Wi-Fi.”- Ryan K. (On Yelp)