Cooking with Gabby: cooking up single serving banana pancakes


These pancakes are easy to make, macro friendly, and are single serving. (Photo Credit: Gabby Lerner)

Gabby Lerner, Staff Writer

Pancakes have a special place in my heart. Last year, I wrote a pancake recipe for the family: click here  but this year, I have cooked up a single serving recipe so you do not have to share.  

The ingredients needed is: 

-1/2c oats 

-0.5c oat milk 

-1 egg 

-1 banana 

-1/2 tsp baking soda 

-1tsp baking powder 

This recipe is super easy to make. You simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl and mix them. After, you cook them up and eat them for whatever meal you want. Feel free to add chocolate chips, cinnamon, blueberries, and whatever else you like in your pancakes.  

This single serving pancake recipe has 387 calories, 62.3g carbs, 10.1g fat, and 14.1g of protein. They are macro friendly and you do don’t have to share.