Rolling Stones Back in Action

Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

A high up view of the colorful stage.
(Credit: Emerson Keith)

The classic rock band, The Rolling Stones, are back performing in theaters, stadiums, and other venues around the world. The Stones have been together since 1962 and are still rocking out venues around the world! They have been on 48 tours together including their most recent, the No Filter Tour. 

I have so gratefully been able to experience the insane show that Mick Jagger and his closest friends Keith and Ronnie put on for their billions of fans. The three of these men traveled and played for 13 different cities, including Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Stones came to the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Nov. 11. Country singer Zac Brown opened before the band and sounded great. Not only did he play a good mix of his old and new music, but he also did a wonderful tribute to veterans for Veterans Day. Zac and his band closed out with one of his greatest hits, “Chicken Fried.” 

Soon after Zac’s great performance, the Stones hit the stage. Mick Jagger came out on stage in a sparkly, fiery, hot pink jacket. Keith and Ronnie followed, also in bright outfits. They began playing “Street Fighting Man” from the “Rolling Stones in Mono” album. Songs from albums “Honk,” “Let it Bleed,” “Some Girls,” “Aftermath,” and more from the “In Mono” album.  

A couple songs into the concert, they did a slight tribute to Charlie Watts and recognized his many years with the Stones. They also introduced the cover drummer for the band, Steve Jordan. He is no Charlie Watts, but he still sounded amazing. 

About halfway through the set list, Keith Richards took the stage and sang “Connection” and “Slippin’ Away.” He wore a bright blue beanie and a bright green shirt, and even at 77 years old, he still knows how to entertain a crowd. 

While Mick came out in a pink outfit, he ended up in about five other sparkly jackets throughout the night. To close out, he wore just a plain black shirt but played one of their greatest hits, “Satisfaction.” 

While the members of the Stones are very old and have been performing for years and years, they still know how to put on a great show and I was very, very pleased with the whole night.