JV Boys Basketball Season Starting

Laurel Davis, Staff Writer

“Boys basketball battling out on the court”. (Credits: Jaylen Outler)

Junior varsity boys’ basketball had their first game Wednesday, Nov. 17, playing against Milton High School. Since then, they’ve played Centennial, Walton, and Woodward. The JV boys have not yet reached a victory but have all performed well in their games.  

Freshman Brian House was willing to answer some questions about his team. Brian is one of the four freshmen starting on JV (Jack Laughter, Alex Harding, and Parker Hake are also freshmen). When asked if the season could’ve started better, Brian says, “Yes, we’ve lost three games in a row because of inconsistency in practice. Many people have been sick or otherwise unavailable. This makes it very hard to build team chemistry.” 

With so many players calling in sick, the basketball teams are becoming negatively affected. They have never had the whole team practice all together, but now with an increasing number of players getting sick, the number of players at practice is going down. 

House talked about individual players performances by saying, “Individual players have been performing with intensity but many times they lack the finesse. Although the work is being put in, the execution is flawed and therefore overall performance could be improved.” 

Some players, who will remain unnamed, have been performing better than others this season. Regardless, the individual players have been doing well this season, yet the team seems to be experiencing a lack of communication.  

When asked about their next game, House answers with, “With the addition of the football players that were previously ineligible to play, I think that our next game should be a win because now all of our players are present. This should improve our gameplay and record overall.”