Should Fulton County Schools Have a Winter Break?


Students back from the four day weekend hard at work (photo creds: Brooke Yates)

Brooke Yates

As Roswell comes back from holiday break in December, we are counting our days down until spring break; However, in Cobb and Cherokee county, their count down looks different. Cobb and Cherokee both have a week off from school after the holiday break, known as winter break. This break occurs at the end of the month of February. While Fulton County schools neither have fall or winter break, we do have a longer summer. After talking to many of the students at Roswell, we asked them which they rather kind of break they rather have.

Starting with the teachers, I asked many of them about their thoughts of not having a winter and fall break. Math teacher Ms. Majors says, “I would rather have a week off from school and a shorter summer, rather than the four-day weekends. Because most of the time, many of those days from the four-day weekends is a teacher workday, so I don’t have time off.” When asking her if she’d prefer to have the actual four-day weekend this week starting on March 17, she responded with no and that she’d still be in the school building for the regular school hours.

However, when talking with some students about Fulton County getting a winter break, they had a different opinion than Ms. Majors and most Roswell staff. Junior Temperance Duson said she does not mind not having a winter break if it means a more extended summer. “While I sometimes find myself craving a break during it all, the four-day weekends do help. It gives me enough time to relax and reset and return to school ready to learn again. If we didn’t have those small three-to-four-day weekend breaks, then I would want a winter break.” And most students including Temperance agreed and had similar opinions.

When comparing the Cobb County and Fulton County calendar, cobb has 42 days off school with a two months and two days summer break. At the same time, Fulton County has 35 days off from school and a two-month and about two-week summer break. When adding the extra week and three days, Fulton schools would have more days off than Cobb. So, for those students who envy a winter and fall break like Cherokee and Cobb County students, staff know we have an extra day off than them.