Longer Class Periods Lead to Shorter Lunches

Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

When you ask a student what their favorite part about school is, typically the answer is lunch. Most everyone enjoys lunchtime at school because it is the time for students to see and talk to their friends. 

This is what the lunch room typically looks like in the daily! (Emerson Keith)

Lunch here at Roswell High School is usually 25 minutes, which gives students the perfect time to eat, socialize, and sometimes even get homework done. While most students think that lunch is too short and should be made longer, some think that it is already too long. Some students and faculty believe that there is not enough time for learning throughout the day, which is why it became a debatable topic brought up with Roswell’s Student Council. The Student Council conducted a survey in their most recent meeting on whether lunches should or should not be made shorter. The results came out and they brought it up with Dr. Shaw. When Dr. Shaw saw the results, he took it to the Fulton County Schools Board. The school board discussed for a couple days and got back to Dr.Shaw. Now, the decision has been made: lunches with be shortened by 10 minutes. 

There are clearly going to be many different opinions on this topic, but the plan is set. 15-minute lunches will start on Aug. 8, 2022. Mrs. Gaffigan, RHS English teacher, says, “I believe that this could be a good thing. Most students probably don’t see the bright side of this decision, but I think that this would probably bring grades up, less homework, and more time with my kids!” The student body and faculty knows this seems like a bad thing, but it could also have a good impact on this school. 

First off, grades and GPA’s here at Roswell could increase because of the extra time students will have to get work done and study. This will also make teachers’ lesson plans even longer so they have more to teach their students and students will have more information to learn and study. Also, when students have more class time to get their work done, they also have more time to get their homework done. That would make it easier for them when they get home so they wouldn’t have to do as much as they used to do. 

While many people agree on the idea of having longer lunches here at Roswell, there are many, many people who do not. Junior Carly Gibson says, “I think our lunch times are good just the way they are. Lunch is pretty much in the middle of the day, so it is a good time to sit down for thirty-ish minutes ad have a little ‘brain break.’ Personally, I would not enjoy shorter lunches, I think it would be a lot more stress put on me and I am sure plenty of other students would agree.” Many students are saying that they think this decision is going to put loads of stress onto them because they are going to be working all day and barely get a break. 

Now, with all the new changes, hour lunch is still happening. But it isn’t just an hour lunch anymore, it’s a 30-minute lunch. One day out of the week, you will have regular lunch times. 

Many students and teachers have may mixed feelings about this decision. Some see it as a good thing, while others do not. Either way, the decision has been made and is going to be put into place at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year.