Georgia Wins National Champions against Alabama

Drew Maddox, Editor In Chief

2021 National Champions: Georgia Bulldogs  


In 1980, the Georgia Bulldogs defeated Notre Dame, gaining the national champion title in college football. For 42 years, the Bulldogs have been fighting to regain that title once again. Led by coach Kirby Smart, the Bulldogs are finally championing again in 2021.  

Alabama Crimson Tide, known as one of the best college football teams, has always been a brick wall in Georgia’s way, but not this year. In the regular season, Georgia took their only loss to Alabama. This unfortunate game did not let Georgia down; instead, it made the team stronger. With their hard work in the regular season, the Bulldogs were given a second chance against Alabama in the national championship game. Although Alabama already beat up Georgia this season, the dawgs were the favored team; this did not stop them. The game was suspenseful, and most of the action happened only in the fourth quarter when the game started to feel real. The final score, 33-18, was shocking; Georgia’s defense did not allow Alabama to score over twenty points. The Bulldogs made history over the Alabama and Georgia rivalry.  

The set-up for Georgia’s national championship celebration that was held in Sanford stadium. (credit: Drew Maddox)

Sophomore Mackenzie Wilson has been a Georgia fan since she can remember. I talked to her about how the win affected her, “Georgia’s national championship win impacted my life in so many ways. I have been waiting my entire life for it to happen, and it finally did.” Since she could remember, she has been a Georgia fan, and with the Dawgs finally winning, “I finally felt the joy from years of cheering them on,” she said.  

On Saturday, January 15th, downtown Athens was full of dawgs fans.      

At the parade, roads in downtown Athens were covered with people and red was the only color you could see. (credit: Drew Maddox)

Sanford Stadium was open, inviting around 90,000 fans to help congratulate the winning team. Free tickets were handed out, and a ceremony was held to honor the Bulldogs, and it brought together Georgia fans that had not yet been able to celebrate the big win. Hosted by former UGA quarterback DJ Shockley, familiar alumni figures were all around during the commemoration; former UGA running back D’Andre Swift opened the ceremony by calling the dawgs onto the field, a tradition on Sundays in Athens. The whole day was full of celebration and joy in Athens as everyone showed their love and appreciation for the team. 

Former UGA alumni Matthew Maddox graduated in 2002. At UGA, he spent many hours on the field with the team and coaches as a quarterback manager and the lead engineer for Georgia’s main athletic website,  

He was only a year old when the dawgs last won and has devoted an enormous part of his life to the team, and now they have gained the title again. “The ups and downs as watching the Dawgs over the last few decades have been a wild ride; I wouldn’t trade it for any other fan base journey if I’m honest. The delight and joy of winning it all makes it that much sweeter and getting to enjoy that experience with my family makes it even better,” he states.