James Charles performs at Roswell High School


James Charles performing for Roswell High School, shows off his skills and tries to win over the crowd. Photo Credit: Grace Swift

Grace Swift

On Tuesday, March 3, 2022, social media influencer James Charles surprised students of Roswell High School with a live performance in the auditorium. The students of RHS were told that they would be attending a meeting with the principal about the student’s behavior and how they need to take school more seriously.


When the students entered the auditorium, many were excited to see James Charles, others were confused because they didn’t know who he was and decided to walk out of the auditorium.


When senior Drake Josh, was asked about why he walked out of the auditorium he said,” I did not go to school for four years every day, to one day see James Charles performing for us. I would rather see the movie, “Cats”, again then have to sit through that.”


On the other hand many students were happy to see James Charles and were excited to see him on the stage getting ready to talk, but not because they wanted to hear him sing. They hoped that he would give them cash.


Freshman, Samantha Baker said, “I could care less about James’ actual performance. I just really hope that he gives some money away or maybe a car. I think he has done something like that in the past with college students.”


Later, after Samantha had been informed that it is Mr. Beast who gives away free money and cash, she responded, “For real, so you’re telling me I am not getting any money or car? I am not even gonna get free tickets to Post Malone or anything. I might as well leave then because there is no point in staying.” After this interview Samantha decided to leave the school and went to McDonald’s to get a milkshake.


Some of the students did not know who James actually was and said that they did not understand why some people were excited that he was there, and why other students were leaving. Junior, John Smith said,” Should I know who this is? Like is he famous or something because I feel like almost everyone knows who he is except me. Is he a Tiktoker or like an ex-Vine star? I am confused. Should I stay and watch, or should I leave?” John decided that he would stay to watch the performance.


After the performance, John Smith had to say, “The performance was definitely unique and not something I would go to on my own time. The performer should probably just not dance again. He decided to do some Tiktok dances, like the woah and dab and let’s just say he wasn’t the best at dancing. He kinda looked like a crab trying to dance but like not in a cool way like in a bad way.”


Overall, there are mixed feelings about the performance, but more towards the negative side. Hopefully, the next surprise will go more smoothly and not be so controversial.