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  • January 31Graduation date has been announced, set your calendars for May 21st seniors!
  • January 29Prom Theme Announced: Enchanted Evening
  • January 29Stay warm Hornets!
The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

The Student News Site of Roswell High School

The Sting

All content by Grace Swift
James Charles performing for Roswell High School, shows off his skills and tries to win over the crowd. Photo Credit: Grace Swift

James Charles performs at Roswell High School

Grace Swift April 13, 2022

On Tuesday, March 3, 2022, social media influencer James Charles surprised students of Roswell High School with a live performance in the auditorium. The students of RHS were told that they would be attending...

Virgils family went to Instagram to talk about the passing of Virgil and the impact he made on the world. (Credit: Virgil Ablohs Instagram)

The passing of Virgil Abloh and his legacy

Grace Swift January 4, 2022

On Nov. 28, 2021, Virgil Abloh passed away from a rare and aggressive cancer called cardiac angiosarcoma. This came as a shock to the public, as Virgil Abloh had kept his condition a secret. A post...

Emma Chamberlin, was one of the few media stars that was invited to Met Gala 2021, others included Addison Rae and Dixie DAmelio. Photo Credits: Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is Gen-Z’s new Paris Hilton

Grace Swift, Staff Writer December 21, 2021

Paris Hilton was one of the hottest and trendiest icons during the 2000s. She helped influence many of the fashion trends, including low-rise jeans, velour jumpsuits, giant Aviators, and even millennial...

Ansley Tanner, Senior, is show holding up a “W” in support of bringing Winning Wednesdays back to Roswell High School // Photo Creds: Grace Swift

Why Winning Wednesday should come back

Grace Swift December 14, 2021

     Last year, Roswell High School implemented a Winning Wednesday for students.  On Winning Wednesdays if you were to have no missing assignments then you were allowed to leave school an hour early...

Matt Judy is one of many City Council members running for reelection in 2021
Photo courtesy of Matt Judys campaign team

City Council Elections: Educate, then Vote

Grace Swift November 8, 2021

City Council elections are underway for Roswell residents, which means it is now time to fully understand both what City Council does and who is running for it.   First, it is important to understand...

Roswell Highs cheerleaders cheer on the football team to another win against Etowah High School. They also are holding pink pom poms in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month // picture credits: Grace Swift

Roswell Football’s Senior Night

Grace Swift October 30, 2021

On Oct. 1, Roswell High School had their annual senior night, where they celebrated senior football players, athletic trainers, cheerleaders, the marching band, and the mascot Sting. This night is supposed...

Roswells marching band drum line practices for halftime show
Photo Credits: Gautam Vedula

Should Marching Band be considered a sport?

Grace Swift September 28, 2021

Throughout high school history, only “uncool” or “weird” kids joined the marching band. This stereotype was brought on by many movies and books that created a division within the student body between...

Music Festivals Opening Back Up Just in Time for Summer

Grace Swift May 4, 2021

With summer around the corner for Roswell’s students, many are looking forward to the break from school and a social life that is outside the classroom.  Although last summer, students did get a break...

Charli DAmelio comes to Roswell to campaign for President and Dunkin Donuts helps sponsor the pep rally and gives kids that attend rally free Charli and Charli Cold Foams
(Picture Credit; Charli DAmelio Instagram)

Charli D’Amelio comes to Roswell High School to campaign for President

Grace Swift April 1, 2021

Charli D’amelio, Tiktok sensation, now running for the President of the United States at age 16, is coming to Roswell, Georgia to campaign for the election. As many know, Charli D’amelio has two drinks...

Restaurants spreading the love with Valentines Day Discounts

Grace Swift February 14, 2021

Valentine's day is all about love being in the air and restaurants have decided to show some love to their customers by giving them holiday discounts and specials. Here are some restaurants that are having...

Alex Wassabi is one of the many youtubers who have decided to leave or take a break from youtube in 2021 Photo Credit- Grace Swift

Youtubers are leaving the Platform

Grace Swift February 11, 2021

It is no secret that COVID-19 has made a major impact on many people’s lives in a negative way. However, for many Youtubers, the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine has allowed their career to thrive. Youtube...

While many dogs are being rescued during Covid-19, how will they be cared for after quarantine ends? Photo Cred: Anoir Chafik from Unsplash

The Ethics of Adopting Dogs During Covid

Grace Swift September 23, 2020

COVID-19 is causing people to be stuck at home, quarantining to make sure they do not get sick nor spread the virus anymore than it already has. Those stuck at home, especially people who live alone, find...

School should start later in the day

Grace Swift, Instagram Co-Captain February 19, 2020

Sleep is a key factor for a student’s school performance and mental health, which is why  many people debate whether or not schools should start later. Right now at Roswell High School, classes start...

New exemption policy concerns students

Grace Swift, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

Some of the most stressful times in a student’s school year are midterms and finals for classes. This is why Roswell High School has an exemption policy that allowed students to be able to not take the...

Fires set the Amazon Rainforest ablaze with strong winds.
Photo Credit: Sebastián Liste for TIME

Amazon Rainforest fires are affecting Roswell more than we think

Grace Swift September 12, 2019

“The Lungs of the World,” the Amazon Rainforest, home to some of the world’s most precious natural resources has now been put in danger due to the fires that have erupted. These fires were caused...

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