Rising 9th graders tour RHS

Laurel Davis, News Editor

On March 18th and 25th, rising ninth graders from Crabapple and Elkins Pointe Middle School toured RHS to get a feel for what they will be experiencing next year. Students from RHS gave up time out of their school day to perform and get these eighth graders excited for what is to come. These performances include the RHS band, chorus, drama, JROTC, orchestra, drumline, cheerleaders, and dance team.  

These students were greeted by the RHS cheerleaders and drumline as they were walking off their buses. They were then led to the auditorium, where they would watch performances from varying performing arts teams at RHS. Before watching said performances, they received a welcome speech from the RHS administrators.  


Rising 9th grade students listen attentively as RHS administrators speak. (credit- Laurel Davis)

OTC then took the stage and held up the flags of Georgia & USA for students to rise and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  

Following, they received an introduction from RHS’ principal Dr. Shaw and assistant principal Mr. Martin. Shaw & Martin introduced the RHS counselors and grade administrators. This gave the eighth graders an idea of who they will become familiar with in their upcoming 4 years at RHS. Performances from drama, band, orchestra, and lastly chorus followed. 

The students were then escorted by JROTC over to the gym to participate in some more fun performances and activities. This was like an RHS pep rally! 

RHS’ dance team did their routine for the students to pump them up and get them excited. 

These eighth graders got to listen to all the RHS sports team captains, club leaders, and administrators speak about their activity and the fun things about it. These leaders want as many rising ninth graders as possible to get involved and see what RHS has to offer them. For example, seniors Jackson Kemp, Mason Kemp, and Jackson Pruitt spoke about basketball, and senior 

 After this, volunteers were called up from the crowd to participate in a couple of games.  

The first game they played required them to run to one side of the gym, grab a baseball bat, hold it between their head and the ground, spin around it ten times, then run back.  

The second game, called “Hallway Simulator” consisted of the seniors putting on their backpacks and standing in the middle of the gym. The objective was that the rising ninth graders had to get from one side of the gym to the other without getting knocked over by a senior. 

Lastly, they were escorted out by JROTC and RHS administrators and led back to their buses. This concluded the rising 9th graders visit to RHS. They had arrived at RHS around 9:00 AM and left around 11:30 AM. 

I spoke with eighth graders Ava Brinson (Elkins Pointe), Kaiden Perry, and Leah Rodabaugh (both from Crabapple middle). When asked if any of them would participate in the groups they saw perform during the tour, most decided that they were more interested in sports. 

 Most rising ninth graders were excited for and dreading the same things, Ava Brinson (8) says she is “dreading the fact that there’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited to go to the Friday Night games with my friends.”  

Kaiden Perry (8) says he is “excited to see friends and play sports, and I’m dreading the grading and the older kids.”  

Some rising ninth graders are prepared because they have siblings that already attend RHS, like Leah Rodabaugh. 

Leah (8) says she is “actually kind of excited because my brother went here, so I think I’m prepared, and I have a couple friends already.”