Thrilling End to Hornets Football Season


Emerson Keith, Sports Editor

The Roswell Hornets ended their regular football season with a winning overall record of 9-1 and an undefeated region record of 6-0 giving the team the Region Champions title. The team worked hard this season to achieve success, but they weren’t done just yet. 

To continue their winning streak, the boys headed into playoffs with round one against Lanier High School. This was a huge game for the boys with a final 55 points up on the board for them and only eight for the Longhorns. Our offense played hard with three passing touchdowns and five rushing touchdowns. Junior Brett Gonda got the extra point after every touchdown keeping us up. 

Seniors Ethan Crite and Chris Elko celebrating in the endzone after a touchdown. (Credit: Billy Clouse)

The defensive side showed their strength as well. There was a total of four sacks and a team total of 93 tackles. This led the Hornets onto round two, the sweet sixteen. 

The boys had another game at home against Allatoona High School. While this was a tougher game, the boys still stayed strong and pulled out a 49-30 win. Junior Nykahi Davenport  had three rushing touchdowns, senior Chris Elko had two, and sophomore Synkwan Smith had one.

 Head Coach Prewett had said that these three “were outstanding all season.”  

The seventh touchdown was received by senior Ethan Crite and Gonda continued with the extra points to keep the boys up on the board. Defense showed out once again with 78 total tackles and six sacks. This brought the boys to the Elite Eight for round three.

Sophomore varsity cheerleaders Addison North and Caroline Doyle with big smiles for the Hornets on gameday. (Credit: Billy Clouse)

As the team kept getting further in playoffs, the competition got more intense. The boys traveled all the way to Thomasville, GA to face Thomas County Central High School (TCCHS) on November 25. TCCHS was undefeated when the Hornets stepped on the field which gave them a tough first half going into halftime down 24-6.  

The Hornets ended up having a huge comeback and got 29 more points up on the board in just the third quarter. The final score was 42-34 Hornets. There were several rushing touchdowns as well as receiving touchdowns for our offense. 

Sophomores Andrew Ryan, Nigel Hall, Nathan Stubblefield, and Kevin Guardado holding up fives in honor of Robbie Roper. (Credit: Billy Clouse)

Gonda had several good kicks and Nykahi Davenport was good for a two-point conversion. The team had a total of 91 tackles with Kobby Sakyi-Prah topping everyone with 12 solos and three assists as well as a sack. Senior Lawson Stargel also had a huge fumble recovery for 18 yards to give the Hornets another chance to get in the endzone.  

Coach Prewett says, “When you have to leave Roswell and go somewhere together and have to go through some adversity and we come out with a victory will always be a great memory in my football life.” This astonishing comeback game brought the boys back home into the Final Four. 

The Hornets faced Gainesville High School at McEachern High School’s Stadium on December 2. While the boys played their hardest to make it all the way to the State Championship, they could not pull it off. The Hornets ended their season here with a final score of 35-28 leading the Red Elephants to State.  

Junior Nykahi Davenport pushing through for some yards. (Credit: Billy Clouse)

Senior Tight End Zeke Moore said, “I think we should have beat Gainesville, I think we are the better team.” While this was a devastating loss for not only the seniors as it was their last high school game, but the whole Hornet community.  

The boys played well on both sides of the ball with touchdowns by  Elko, Crite, and Davenport as well as a team total of 76 tackles and sacks by senior Mark Trigg, sophomore Kobby Sakyi-Prah, and junior Chase Morrison. 

As the long but successful Hornet football season comes to an end, the boys are proud of themselves and their team for putting in the work. 

 Coach Prewett says, “Finishing the season off with a state championship is our main goal. We were not able to get that done in the semi-finals so the goal for next year will be the same as this year: bring home the state championship.”