New Door Alarms and Student ID’s Implemented for Staff and Students Safety


Annabelle Thompson, Staff Writer

The staff at Roswell High School has implemented new safety additions this 2022-2023 school year for protection of the students and staff. These new features include alarms on the doors leading outside and student ID’s so students can easily be identified.   

According to Mr. Zarzana, assistant principal in charge of facilities for the school, the reasons for these changes are because “Roswell High School has an obligation to the Roswell learning community to ensure all members feel comfortable and safe while on our campus. As society changes, we have to be responsive to those changes.”   

 Zarzana explained the implementation process by adding, “The student IDs were decided upon based on a collaborative effort between Fulton County, other high schools in our area, and our local school safety team.” In addition, he mentioned that the door alarms are designed to ensure doors remain locked and closed during the school day.   

 Some students, surprised by new safety measures, wondered if there was a clear need. Freshman Kaelynn Vail asserts, “I think it’s a really good precaution, because if people leave school in the middle of the day, they’ll know.”  The staff will know if someone leaves because the alarms will start ringing and the person leaving will be caught and receive an ISS/in school suspension. 

Roswell High School adds alarms to doors leading outside to ensure doors remained closed throughout the day. (Credit: Annabelle Thompson)

She also gave her opinion on the ID lanyards saying, “Personally I do not like them because I think you don’t have to wear them. I mean it’s nice to have them just so you know if the student goes to this school, except it’s not a good idea to wear them because no one wants to wear them.”   

 Senior Talaya Thomas and junior Anderson Zavodny were both asked how they felt about the door alarms and the student IDs. Thomas stated, “I feel like they are really unnecessary, and they go off during the day and I don’t know the difference between like an actual alarm or the alarms on the doors so it’s a little iffy for me.”   

Zavodny then gave his thoughts on the student IDs, “I think they are a bit unnecessary since like we are all students and they haven’t really been checked at all.” The student IDs are meant to be worn at all times, but only a handful, if any, of the students have them on. Students are to show their IDs when coming to the school late. One of the main reasons that these IDs have been implemented are because students would let other students from other schools into the building, but with this new rule, that won’t happen. 

These new safety measures will continue making an impact on Roswell High School and its students.